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Outdoor Daily III

I liked what was here: a hand-crafted ring embedded in the granite block where a hole remains. It reminded of a quarry and mining industry long gone, a part of this landscape’s and people’s heritage. I hope who… Read More

Live lecture with Sarah Darwin

Charles Darwin’s great great granddaughter Sarah Darwin has broadcast live from the Darwin200 ship Pelican of London. Watch it here: Featured Image: “Beagle: Sarah Darwin” by is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Adventures in the Isle of Lewis – Darwin200

The Darwin200 film team explores the beauty and history of Lewis. Watch their video here:

Darwin200 Episode 19: Hard Tack bake off – Darwin200

The Hard Tack bake off competition is captured here – including a ‘painful’ ttest tasting. Rather Rohan than me!

Outdoor Daily

A shard of pottery in a field reminds me of something in the history of the valley I live in. Market gardening in the Tamar Valley (Devon and Cornwall, UK) has a rich tradition of growing anything from… Read More