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Science in the Snow…

If you are interested in climate science, check out my blog posts on the Antarctic Quest 21 expedition I am supporting as scientific advisor through Challenging Habitat.

How much effort goes into scientific models?

If you want to get an impression of how much work is behind those modelling results we are seeing on the news most days? I’ve started to narrate some of the most recent peer-reviewed publications of the scientists… Read More

Want to reduce uncertainty? Read on…

We all know that life is full of uncertainty and most of the time, we don’t notice it too much, let alone worry about it. We’re used to it.

What do they feed on under 900 m ice and 500 water?

Surprising that there is life at all…check out the amazing story of sponges, tube worms, stalked barnacles and other sessile creatures on a rock 500 m beneath the base of a 900 m thick ice shelf and 260… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

Cold weather rewards: I love those little towers of ice extruded from the soil during a mild frost. I say ‘extruded’ because they are all topped with a little crown of soil (or an acorn), indicating that they… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

It’s cold in Cornwall (+1°C, feels like -6°C with the wind chill), although calling the weather ‘the beast from the east’ is exaggerating the situation somewhat. It’s not -30°C! Nevertheless, it is heartening to see new growth in… Read More