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More Antarctic Science!

The Antarctic Quest 21 expedition is gathering momentum in more than one way: scientific and expedition equipment is being accumulated transport logistics are being arranged the crowd funding effort has exceeded the initial target of £30,000 and new… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

A sunny day and I’ve been peering into my pond, watching the most amazingly weird life form… …a transluscent tube, between 7 and 12 mm long, with central rod looking like a gut, but that’s not all… It… Read More

Biodiversity in small water bodies

It is good to see that the public is reminded of the importance of small freshwater bodies for biodiversity by the Helen Briggs at the BBC: Having created a wildlife pond in my own garden this summer, I… Read More

Outdoor Daily

A mighty beech tree. Shelter. Shade. And more than meets the eye. Its trunk populated by lichen and moss, habitat for invertebrates, food for insects and birds… Roots in symbiosis with microorganisms. Detritus feeders and bacteria converting leaf… Read More

Outdoor Daily

I’m walking along a hillside woodland that I’ve been along a dozen of times during our first month of lockdown. And as the glorious weather appears to bring an early Summer, these bright little stars light up the shaded… Read More