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Foyn Point from Mount Johnston

Scientific Antarctic Expedition

I’ve been supporting the Antarctic Quest 21 expedition as scientific advisor for just over 12 months now, and if you are not following my professional website news, you won’t necessarily be aware of that.

Launch Event for Antarctic Quest 21

I’ve been blogging for a while about the Antarctic Quest 21 expedition that will take a team of eight onto the Forbidden Plateau on the central spine of the Antarctic Peninsula to install scientific equipment and down to… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

Feeling a little bedraggled in this wet winter lockdown? I did today… thought I needed to see people face to face, must get out of this valley for a different perspective, crave a glass of wine in the… Read More

Darwin200 day 23: busy with science and a party!

Tomorrow morning is the moment when the young people who studied different parts of the science during our voyage will present their findings to all of us. The Darwin 200 team has provided very desirable prizes for the… Read More

Darwin200 day 12: fair winds

My day started at 06:00 with a profile of the water column to check salinity, oxygen saturation, temperature and pH. After breakfast we commenced to be busy with Happy Hour, which means daily cleaning chores around the ship…. Read More

Outdoor Daily

The perfect place for a lizard to soak up sunshine! I’m very happy to see this creature in our garden, hopefully where there is one, there are many more hidden from view. And this individual is also a… Read More