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It’s lovely blackberry time in the Cornish hedges and it occurred to me: To get the sweetest fruit, you have to be patient, allow space and time to grow and ripen. Now and then you check and taste… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

Blue sky, sunshine and a fresh wind in my face: happy moments and feeling alive.

Outdoor Daily II

As the second covid-19 lockdown in the UK draws to a close, I won’t be alone in, once more, evaluating the important things in life. For me it’s having positive, loving and healthy relationships. With nature: being outdoors,… Read More

Darwin200 Episode 9: Marine Biodiversity

Ship wrecks are often attractive artificial reefs for marine species. Dr Rohan Holt discovers abundant biodiversity in southern UK waters. Watch here:

Outdoor Daily

“Life is beautiful!”* every day, the potential for new discoveries with eyes and ears and taste and touch and feeling and mind *l quote my friend Jonathan here, who maintained this world view until he succumbed to MS.


My friends Kai, Kodai and Gen Benjamin of Varied Heights wrote and recorded a ‘food for thought’ song on the current global situation. Check it out here: LOCK(DOWN/UP) – Original Song