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How much effort goes into scientific models?

If you want to get an impression of how much work is behind those modelling results we are seeing on the news most days? I’ve started to narrate some of the most recent peer-reviewed publications of the scientists… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

Local lanes provide surprising vistas at different times and light conditions. An overcast winter afternoon shows grey in the east and orange in the west.

Outdoor Daily II

A clear November morning Chill air Soft light

Outdoor Daily

Dartmoor at its best: bright sunshine, clear light of that special quality, a gentle warm wind… Perfect for a good hike with a friend!

Outdoor Daily

Late light sky reflection in my pond. Serene, calm, quiet time for reflection.

Outdoor Daily

Sometimes Nature spells out in capital letters: IT IS WORTH BEING OUTSIDE AT 5 AM! Apologies for the fuzzy image quality – it doesn’t even do justice to the awe inspiring sight of the full moon in the… Read More