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Today Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in England eased a little, with ‘non-essential’ shops opening, along with outdoor catering, hair salons and zoos…. I didn’t go shopping. In fact, not being able to go shopping for so many months showed… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

This feels like full circle: lesser celandine is back in flower. Back in April, during the first lockdown I wrote about this bright little flower before…. …and we’re still in lockdown. It feels like a long while!

Astronauts are experts in isolation, here’s what they can teach us

Here is an interesting article from the Conversation:

Outdoor Daily III

A clear view over the English Channel from Rame Head. On Thursday, we could see as far as the Lizard Peninsula, some 40 miles away. Whether it was legal to drive there under the current lockdown has become… Read More


The changes in my life due to the pandemic manifest in all sorts of ways… … what kind of a world do I inhabit in which today’s entry in my gratitude journal reads: ‘a long relaxed Xmas zoom… Read More

Outdoor Daily II

As the second covid-19 lockdown in the UK draws to a close, I won’t be alone in, once more, evaluating the important things in life. For me it’s having positive, loving and healthy relationships. With nature: being outdoors,… Read More

Outdoor Daily II

Today’s walk is different: I’m grabbing a little ‘fresh’ air between online lectures in Plymouth city centre. Without my dog :( My internet in rural Cornwall is so poor that I can’t rely on its stability for the… Read More

Outdoor Daily II

Did I write about how much I enjoy beech forests in the spring during the previous lockdown? I’m sure I did. For a short time, the colour of beech leaves is just as vibrant in the autumn sunshine… Read More

Outdoor Daily II

A new dawn (perhaps in more than just the literal sense). I begin the second nation-wide COVID-19 lockdown with an early morning paddle on the Tamar estuary. It’s beautiful. Thick mist is drifting down the valley, I hear… Read More

Liverpool at night

Among young people and sailors alike, Liverpool has quite a reputation for its nightlife. Being locked down on the Pelican of London, we experience the night watch as eerily quiet… …an odd rat running across the quay… …the… Read More

Water for Wildlife

We are in COVID-19 lockdown since 25 March 2020. We’ve got reason not to travel far and we’ve got time at our hands. So, what positive can we create? Well, some years ago, the field next to us… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Some butterflies just flutter by, always on the move. For a while, this small tortoiseshell was content with where it settled. In German, we call this flower ‘Flammende Liebe’ – ‘flaming love’, and it is at its best… Read More