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Antarctic Peninsula Expedition

See and hear what it takes to get scientific data from the heart of the Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctic Quest 21 team and patrons have published their first story video, and as I guess that Forces Net is not… Read More

Citizen Science aboard the Tall Ship Pelican of London

As we are preparing for the 2021 Darwin200 voyage with a whole new set of Citizen Science Projects for young people to engage with, the videos of our science projects piloted during the voyage in summer 2020 are… Read More

Expedition supports Antarctic Science

The next Austral summer (2021/22) will see a rare man-hauled expedition across the Antarctic Peninsula. The expedition team will be ‘dropped off’ at Portal Point, haul equipment up steep slopes and cross the Forbidden Plateau (my question is:… Read More

Darwin200 day 24: science conference aboard Pelican!

This morning the science conference brings together all the projects we’ve been running aboard the Pelican of London. Find out more about our wind energy activities here Find out more about plankton on our voyage there:… Read More

Darwin200 day 16: off to Skye or not?

It’s a sunny morning on Lewis and we are preparing for departure. That means cleaning of heads and showers, happy hour, including brassoing (is that a word?) the brass. Then Patrick Harper captured our ‘pet seal’ on video…. Read More

Darwin200 Episode 8: Microplastics on the Beach

Tiny particles of plastic – below 5 mm in size – are called microplastics…and even where you can’t find them with the naked eye, at a microscopic level, plastic particles are present in almost all water samples… Learn… Read More