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Dartmoor in winter

On this sunny and showery December morning, Dartmoor presents itself in dramatic light. Tucked up in my waterproof clothing, I enjoy the expansive vistas from the top of tors as much as the differences in small details: lichen… Read More

Outdoor Daily II

What’s the colour of tree bark? The same as the colour of rock: lichen and moss.

Outdoor Daily

Damp ferns glistening. I very much enjoyed the 12 weeks of near- uninterrupted sunshine in Cornwall. It made lockdown bearable. But soils dried and despite watering, some of the new woodland trees, planted for my carbon footprint offset,… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Moss, giddy with drink, after another night of rain. Weeks and weeks of dry weather had desiccated its fronds, stifled growth, dulled appearance. Delightful is a closer look: glossy fresh greens and great diversity of shapes and sizes… Read More

First Arrivals

  If epiphytes were people, we would call them clever strategists. I guess this holds true for any organism that manages to occupy a hostile corner, but I am fascinated by life forms that grow on toxic substrates. In this… Read More