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Sail Training and Ocean Science

A couple of years ago I got involved with the charity Seas Your Future and to incorporate elements of ocean science and citizen science into sail training on the tall ship Pelican of London. It is the UN… Read More

Shipshape and Bristol Fashion

Pelican has been in Albion Dockyard for maintenance and is now ‘shipshape and Bristol fashion’, an expression that, according to our captain Ben Wheatley, was coined here, as a reflection of the superb craftsmanship of shipwrights in this… Read More

Darwin200 Episode 18: Wind turbine project

The young scientists design, create and test their own mini-wind turbines to discover which blade shapes and sizes generate the highest voltage output! Five teams of young scientists created very varied designs using nothing more than craft items… Read More

Darwin200 UK: Ash shares his interest in maritime history

Darwin200 Episode25: London and through Tower Bridge

The final part of this incredible voyage brought the Pelican of London up the Thames and through Tower Bridge (twice) before finally docking at Canary Wharf.

Darwin200 UK: Last Day!

I’m back on the Pelican of London for the final day of the voyage: up the Thames, through Tower Bridge (twice) and the final docking at Canary wharf. It feels strange to be socially distancing from people I… Read More

Darwin200 Episode23: A bit of fun!

Now for something slightly different: The Pelican of London’s very own tradition – the Great Egg Challenge!

Darwin 200 day 18 later: pottering between Raasay and Skye

With the beautiful backdrop of the Inner Hebrides, we’ve got a day packed with science and filming. The diving team is studying the benthos and once more bring specimen aboard. This starfish is regrowing several arms lost in… Read More

Darwin200 day 17: under sail due South

The exhaust repair successfully completed, we’ve set sail as soon as leaving the dock and are cruising comfortably South at 5 – 6 knots, now powered by the wind. Sustainability in practice! We’ll pick up this theme with… Read More

Darwin200 day 12: fair winds

My day started at 06:00 with a profile of the water column to check salinity, oxygen saturation, temperature and pH. After breakfast we commenced to be busy with Happy Hour, which means daily cleaning chores around the ship…. Read More

Darwin200 arrives in Ireland!

A very Irish welcome: lush green land, sunshine and rainbows! Simply Beautiful!

Darwin200 day 7: bound for Ireland

We’re bound for Rathlin island in Northern Ireland! While putting the square sails into gear this morning, we spotted a seal playing below… sorry, no pictures, as we’re working up there, not being tourists! A dedicated cetacean survey… Read More