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Adventure under Sail

Going to sea again – a special treat in a time when UK covid lockdown is pealed away layer by layer, like the skins of an onion. We are aboard tall ship Pelican of London in Albion Dock,… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

You may well ask … It’s one of my favourite oak trees on my walks, sun shining through branches, seen through a shard of cobalt blue ‘night soil’ glass washed out of the abandoned daffodil fields in Silver… Read More

Outdoor Daily II

A damp November Sunday under COVID-19 lockdown in the UK. ‘Damp’ is one of those understatements I adopted while spending half my life in Cornwall: the rain showers are interrupted by brief spells of light rain. I am… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Back on Dartmoor! The expanse of valleys and tors, a distant glimmer of the sea. What a treat! An ancient stand of oak amidst boulders, moss and lichen. The call of a cockoo. Swathes, no, ‘fields’ of cotton… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Bindweed. Calystegia sepium. Nightmare to a gardener or Habitat for a bug*? It all depends on your perspective. Just like everything in life. * actually not a bug but a beetle, possibly a male Oedemera nobilis, but it… Read More