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Darwin200 day 24: science conference aboard Pelican!

This morning the science conference brings together all the projects we’ve been running aboard the Pelican of London. Find out more about our wind energy activities here Find out more about plankton on our voyage there:… Read More

Darwin200 day 14: Stories emerge

Our scientific observations and experiments are contributing to a puzzle from which stories emerge… Soon, we will be able to provide a snapshot of water quality data at locations around Britain. We are compiling a list of bird… Read More

Darwin200 Episode 8: Microplastics on the Beach

Tiny particles of plastic – below 5 mm in size – are called microplastics…and even where you can’t find them with the naked eye, at a microscopic level, plastic particles are present in almost all water samples… Learn… Read More

Darwin200 day 6: plankton under the microscope

We’ve been riding out gale Francis in the shelter of the Firth of Clyde and filled the morning with a microscope session comparing plankton net samples (53 um) from the estuary of the Mersey and Canning Dock in… Read More

Darwin200 Ocean Science sets sail out of Sutton Harbour

As we are passing Devil’s Point on our own boat Little Charly this morning, we see the Pelican of London winding its way out of Plymouth Sound. Light winds mean little chance for much sailing, but there is… Read More

Darwin200 UK

A few days ago I shared my excitement about my involvement with the organisation Darwin 200 and the UK launch of its Ocean Science and Conservation programme [LINK]. The tall ship Pelican of London has safely arrived at… Read More