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Outdoor Daily III

It’s cold in Cornwall (+1°C, feels like -6°C with the wind chill), although calling the weather ‘the beast from the east’ is exaggerating the situation somewhat. It’s not -30°C! Nevertheless, it is heartening to see new growth in… Read More

Plants and Bacteria

I’ve been away for a week and returned to my newly established wildlife pond in anticipation of change. Before I left, the water was a green ‘soup’ rich in suspended algae, which received plenty of nutrients leaching from… Read More

Wildlife has arrived!

A few weeks ago, my new wildlife pond was freshly dug, lined and filled. Now, we happily marvel at the plethora of invertebrates, birds and bats who simply ‘arrived’. I’ve identified at least four different species of dragon… Read More

Outdoor Daily

It’s good to see Purple Loosestrife in the wild, among reeds and Meadowsweet in a ditch along the bank of the Tamar estuary. It is one of the plants I introduced to my wildlife pond as a bare… Read More

Water for Wildlife

We are in COVID-19 lockdown since 25 March 2020. We’ve got reason not to travel far and we’ve got time at our hands. So, what positive can we create? Well, some years ago, the field next to us… Read More