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Adventure under Sail

Going to sea again – a special treat in a time when UK covid lockdown is pealed away layer by layer, like the skins of an onion. We are aboard tall ship Pelican of London in Albion Dock,… Read More

Darwin200 Episode 19: Hard Tack bake off – Darwin200

The Hard Tack bake off competition is captured here – including a ‘painful’ ttest tasting. Rather Rohan than me!

Darwin200 day 21: through Pentland Firth and South

We are waking up to a beautiful morning, 25 knots of wind, a following sea and just an hour of foul tide before approaching Pentland Firth. Perfect timing by an excellent captain and crew! Pelican is rolling gently,… Read More

Darwin200 day 17: under sail due South

The exhaust repair successfully completed, we’ve set sail as soon as leaving the dock and are cruising comfortably South at 5 – 6 knots, now powered by the wind. Sustainability in practice! We’ll pick up this theme with… Read More

Darwin200 day 16: off to Skye or not?

It’s a sunny morning on Lewis and we are preparing for departure. That means cleaning of heads and showers, happy hour, including brassoing (is that a word?) the brass. Then Patrick Harper captured our ‘pet seal’ on video…. Read More

Darwin200 leaving Stranraer

A modern forecast told Captain Ben about the gale we are expecting in the area hours before we are leaving for a more sheltered anchorage. If you look at it the old fashioned way, that washed out sun… Read More

Darwin200 day 4: sailing

Finally, we are departing Liverpool! At the moment Tamsin is briefing the young sailors on mooring duty. Professional crew are undergoing last checks and then it will be out of Canning Dock, down the Mersey and out into… Read More

Darwin200 Shanty Time!

Shanty time aboard the Pelican with Bosun Pete – always great fun! Pete even got a haircut specially for the occasion … Today he threw down the challenge to get us to sing for him as the journey… Read More

On the Water

The English Channel is without a breeze today and although that’s no good for sailing, it is excellent for spotting dolphins. We’ve seen many pods today, traveling up or down Channel, some playful, others cruising. All at a… Read More