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Watch “D200 Ep 21: Scottish Marine Life (underwater world of sea lochs, wave-lashed islands and narrows)” on YouTube

Video and Featured Image: Dr Rohan Holt

Darwin200 UK day 27: gannets rule!

Today was special, even more so than other days during the Darwin 200 voyage on the Tall Ship Pelican of London. We visited Bass Rock! With 75000 pairs of breeding gannets, plus young birds and chicks, Bass Rock… Read More

Darwin200 Episode 24: Gannets on Bass Rock

Bass Rock hosts the northern hemisphere’s largest colony of gannets and we had the privilege to visit them:

Darwin200 day 19: wind, rain, low cloud and sky(e)

The night brought a good breeze and we woke up to a transformed Sound of Raasay: the cloud so low, Skye appeared as flat as a pancake. In the afternoon we cleaned a beach near Broadford and recorded… Read More

Darwin200 day 16: off to Skye or not?

It’s a sunny morning on Lewis and we are preparing for departure. That means cleaning of heads and showers, happy hour, including brassoing (is that a word?) the brass. Then Patrick Harper captured our ‘pet seal’ on video…. Read More

Darwin200 day 13: Lewis

We sailed through the night. An early morning arrival in Stornoway kept us busy with sail handing and stowing between 02:00 and 05:00, after which all of us were happy to get into our bunks for a couple… Read More

Darwin200: Tobermory

Anchored for the night off Tobermory. So near and yet so far… this is a dry ship and the RIB remains firmly on deck. We forgoe the amber liquid and are content with the beauty of the evening.

Darwin200 day 11: diving off Lochaline

Rohan, Kerry and Stewart brought up some starfish from a 30 m dive for us to look at. Mathasterias is heavily armoured and it apparently, it is successful as a strategy, as not many things eat it! Of… Read More

Darwin200 day 9: back to Scotland!

The morning started with a bit of excitement when Kerry spotted a basking shark before breakfast. We started our daily cetacean survey after scrubbing the decks and cleaning  below. Highlights included common dolphins leaping clean out of the… Read More

Darwin200 day 6: plankton under the microscope

We’ve been riding out gale Francis in the shelter of the Firth of Clyde and filled the morning with a microscope session comparing plankton net samples (53 um) from the estuary of the Mersey and Canning Dock in… Read More