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Outdoor Daily III

The light is beautiful. I seize the moment and extend my morning outing with my dog to a walk along the river. I am rewarded by the touch of morning sun on my face and two owls calling… Read More

Outdoor Daily II

Even on a grey November morning being on the water is wonderfully good for my soul. The last mist is lifting over the still water and faint song of birds is all around. Leaves have changed colour and… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Seeds of a thisle ready to take off on an adventure into the unknown. hope – flexibility – optimism – acceptance – risk – appreciation – opportunity – resilience – smile! I’m ready to travel again, too!

Outdoor Daily

Sadly, i can’t bring to you the heady scent of the hedgerows on a sunny afternoon after a summer rain and the rumble of thunder. Rambling roses, honeysuckle, bramble and a myriad of other wild flowers, combined with… Read More