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COP 26 started today and…

…we are still eating the future of our children…

Outdoor Daily III

Full circle. Buds are breaking and soon, apples and cherries will be in blossom again. We will have been in various forms of lockdown for a year. Hope for experiencing living in a community again, seeing friends and… Read More

"Yoyo" by XuliánConX is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Hope Yoyo

Have you ever been in a situation where your hopes were dashed repeatedly, only to be built up again and dashed again…in a seemingly endless cycle? Perhaps a friend or partner made a promise never to be kept,… Read More

Outdoor Daily II

Autumn brings into sharper focus that nature wastes nothing and the laws of thermodynamics. A fallen tree: Surface for epiphytesSubstrate for fungiFood for bacteriaHabitat for invertebrates Matter and energy. Life cycles. Upcycling. Recycling. Reuse. Circular economy. Nothing new… Read More