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Sail Training and Ocean Science

A couple of years ago I got involved with the charity Seas Your Future and to incorporate elements of ocean science and citizen science into sail training on the tall ship Pelican of London. It is the UN… Read More

Adventure under Sail

Going to sea again – a special treat in a time when UK covid lockdown is pealed away layer by layer, like the skins of an onion. We are aboard tall ship Pelican of London in Albion Dock,… Read More

Darwin200 UK: Last Day!

I’m back on the Pelican of London for the final day of the voyage: up the Thames, through Tower Bridge (twice) and the final docking at Canary wharf. It feels strange to be socially distancing from people I… Read More

Darwin200 day 22: through Scottish energy resources – oil, gas and wind!

The bright lights of oil and gas fields illuminated the horizon during the night’s sail, which was powered by the wind. Pelican’s headsails, spanker and three square sails were set to ensure optimal use of light winds. On… Read More

Darwin200 day 4: sailing

Finally, we are departing Liverpool! At the moment Tamsin is briefing the young sailors on mooring duty. Professional crew are undergoing last checks and then it will be out of Canning Dock, down the Mersey and out into… Read More

Darwin200 UK Videos

The Darwin 200 team, Stew, Rohan and Stew are producing a series of videos from our voyage of sail training, nature observation and pollution surveys. Although I was not on board for the first 11 (!) of these,… Read More

Darwin200 Shanty Time!

Shanty time aboard the Pelican with Bosun Pete – always great fun! Pete even got a haircut specially for the occasion … Today he threw down the challenge to get us to sing for him as the journey… Read More

Watch “Darwin200 Ep 1: The Beginning (the start of the Darwin200 project)” on YouTube

Darwin200 day 2: training

Sail training continues for new crew in Liverpool. We meet bosun Pete for handling ropes and doing our first ‘up and over’ to the first platform. Safely! In harbour. More safety, too, from First Mate Tamsin, who shows… Read More

Darwin200 (my) day 1: joining the Pelican in Liverpool

Every cityscape is enhanced when viewed through the rigging of a tall ship. OK, perhaps that’s only so these days when we’re aboard voluntarily! Plenty of people turned out to see Pelican of London arrive in the historic… Read More

You take care of what you love, don’t you?

For a change, something really positive here… We are the business of inspiring young people to be curious and ask questions, to get into nature and experience the small and big wonders of it, to make sense of… Read More