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Carbon Neutral before 2030

This week’s top priority is climate change, carbon footprint reduction, sustainability, mitigation… …and for me, it should be my own climate target!

My Forest

I support Tree Sisters to plant more trees – growing into forests – supporting ecosystems – helping local communities to thrive. Social, economic and environmental sustainability go hand-in-hand for a better future.

Trees for the Planet!

I’m mitigating my carbon footprint with monthly donations to Tree Sisters, a charity that works for environmental sustainability through reforestation in projects that also address social and economic sustainability as they foster equality, communities, mental and physical wellbeing…. Read More

Earth Day

Today, 22 April 2021, is Earth Day. Everybody (well, almost, or not even that) is in on it: The Independent reports on Greta Thunberg’s criticism of US fossil fuel subsidies, The Telegraph sports the ’10 best sustainable beauty… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

Can you tell an oak from a chestnut, wild cherry from a beech or ash and a holly from a hazel, by just looking at the bark? How about the difference between young and mature trees? For some… Read More

Outdoor Daily II

What’s the colour of tree bark? The same as the colour of rock: lichen and moss.

Outdoor Daily II

New life! We’ll before oaks shed their last leaves, acorns are preparing the next generation. A lesson in sustainability to all of us from the scale of families and education, organisations and businesses to political parties and government.

Outdoor Daily

A mighty beech tree. Shelter. Shade. And more than meets the eye. Its trunk populated by lichen and moss, habitat for invertebrates, food for insects and birds… Roots in symbiosis with microorganisms. Detritus feeders and bacteria converting leaf… Read More

Outdoor Daily

This morning, I noticed the extravagance of the black walnut tree flowers in the early morning light. The Woodland Trust website informs me that the male (drooping) and female (red clusters) flowers appear in May-June in the UK…. Read More

Carbon footprint

Having booked my flights from Europe to Ushuaia in Argentina, from where my Antarctic adventure will start next year, it is time to look at my carbon footprint for this journey. A search on the internet provides me… Read More