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Ironic, really…

A very powerful man and ‘professional’ bully, with a very large audience (pretty much 7 billion people), who, for years, shut up anybody who started a conversation about a topic he didn’t like, or simply told the truth,… Read More

Outdoor Daily II

A new dawn (perhaps in more than just the literal sense). I begin the second nation-wide COVID-19 lockdown with an early morning paddle on the Tamar estuary. It’s beautiful. Thick mist is drifting down the valley, I hear… Read More

Is the ban of waste imports by China going to be a wake-up call?

From today, 1 January 2018, China will stop to import and recycle 24 categories of our waste, in a move to improve environmental conditions, the health of the population and quality control of products. The dimensions of this… Read More