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Frosted Bluebell

Working from home during lockdown saves me and my carbon footprint a daily 1.5 h commute and I have more flexibility with when and how I start my day. Some mornings just beckon a walk along the river!… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

Cold weather rewards: I love those little towers of ice extruded from the soil during a mild frost. I say ‘extruded’ because they are all topped with a little crown of soil (or an acorn), indicating that they… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

It’s cold in Cornwall (+1°C, feels like -6°C with the wind chill), although calling the weather ‘the beast from the east’ is exaggerating the situation somewhat. It’s not -30°C! Nevertheless, it is heartening to see new growth in… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

One of the few benefits of working part-time from home during lockdown is the ability to arrange my working hours around the weather and tide. Within reason, of course. So today, just before 9 am, I carried my… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Damp ferns glistening. I very much enjoyed the 12 weeks of near- uninterrupted sunshine in Cornwall. It made lockdown bearable. But soils dried and despite watering, some of the new woodland trees, planted for my carbon footprint offset,… Read More