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Dead-Trees-in-Plastic Season

It’s only just turned November

Outdoor Daily III

T-shirt weather! The first time, it seems, in ages that the sun shines and I’m walking the dog, enjoying every second of the its rays on my skin. Beautiful and uplifting!

Outdoor Daily III

I like to stay in the moment on my daily walks with my dog and one way to achieve this is observation. Today I came across stripped bark about a metre above ground on branches of smallish trees…. Read More

Outdoor Daily III

A beautiful crisp morning tells me that winter isn’t over.

Outdoor Daily III

There are some good things about winter. One is that you don’t have to get up at 4:30 to see a great sunrise. And during lockdown, all is quiet at 7:30. Beautiful!

Dartmoor in Winter

Snow on Dartmoor in the sunshine is a rare treat, and particularly appreciated on the first day of the new year. Simply beautiful!

Outdoor Daily II

A damp November Sunday under COVID-19 lockdown in the UK. ‘Damp’ is one of those understatements I adopted while spending half my life in Cornwall: the rain showers are interrupted by brief spells of light rain. I am… Read More