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Scottish seas. Photo: C Braungardt, 2020

I’m glad you are reading this, as ‘Challenging Habitat Blog’ could be about anything and you must have been curious to get this far.

This blog could be about communities living in extreme natural environments, such as lakes beneath thousands of meters of ice in Antarctica, smoking vents in the deep ocean, or droplets of moisture in the atmosphere. Amazing details emerge as scientists discover more! It could be about people who face adversity in homes, at work, and in areas of conflict, drought and famine. Disturbing and far too complex for me to write about. There are so many angles from which you can see this…

My beautiful picture
Open pit mine in the Rio Tinto area, Andalucia, Spain. Photo: C Braungardt, 1998.

…and I will write about changes to the natural environment that are human-made and create both, problems and opportunities. Here, I will start with a focus on metal mine sites, which captivated me sufficiently to study them and their impact for best part of the last 20 years…

…and then digress wherever it takes me, but ‘challenging’ will remain a theme. 

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