Dead-Trees-in-Plastic Season

It’s only just turned November

and conifers grown in monoculture bereft of biodiversity

are severed from their roots,

wrapped in plastic

and driven around the country for the festive season,

to be decorated with baubles and tinsel and fairy lights,

made from fossil fuels somewhere in southeast Asia

and transported across the ocean in vast container ships,

burning bunker fuel that is far more polluting than diesel or petrol,

for us to feel the warm glow of celebration

of one or another version of the winter solstice.

It’s not that hard to think of other ways to decorate your home in the dark season, which will fill you with the additional warm glow of being more sustainable.

2 Comments on “Dead-Trees-in-Plastic Season

  1. So true! I despise this aspect of “celebration”. We have a live tree that we bought in Lidl last year. We’ve enjoyed watching her grow this year and will transplant into a bigger pot for next year. When she gets too big to be in the home, we’ll find a spot in the ground somewhere.


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