Darwin200 day 10: Kerrara to Lochaline

A hike across the island of Kerrara this morning led us to beautiful beaches.

A systematic plastic survey for the Marine Conservation Society was led by Kerry and, sadly, turned up hundreds of individual items of litter.

At least it all entered a managed waste disposal system now.

Meanwhile, Shaolin and I took water samples for nutrient analysis along a transect towards a fish farm.

Along the way, we found stranded crates and marker buoys from the fishing industry.

I’ll report on the results later…

The scenery on our passage to Lochaline is beautiful beyond description…and that was more than enough compensation for not seeing any dolphins or whales today.

Once anchored and after a delicious dinner of fish pie, we challenged five teams to design an efficient, beautiful and/or funny wind turbine.

The efficiency was measured by the voltage produced by running a toy motor as a dynamo.

And the winner was an unlikely looking design called flower power with 26 mV output!

Other designs went for classic shapes or attempts to specifically work with our source of wind, Molly’s hair dryer (the only one on board!)

A fun time that will be followed by the installation of a commercial wind turbine on Pelican in the coming days.

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