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Science in the Snow…

If you are interested in climate science, check out my blog posts on the Antarctic Quest 21 expedition I am supporting as scientific advisor through Challenging Habitat.

Want to reduce uncertainty? Read on…

We all know that life is full of uncertainty and most of the time, we don’t notice it too much, let alone worry about it. We’re used to it.

UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

I am excited to highlight the special edition of ECO Magazine that celebrates the start of the UN Ocean Decade. My article “What is your next step against climate change“ tells the story of Antarctic Quest 21, an… Read More

Eerily beautiful: crack in the Brunt Ice Shelf – Drone Footage

Brunt I’ve Shelf has now calved: read more in the BAS press release.

Outdoor Daily III

It’s good for my spirit to be near (or on) the sea. The horizon, the sound, the smell and the breeze! …and things to discover…

Outdoor Daily II

The sea! Amazing! Always different. Always awesome. Drawn to it.

photo credit: Shield Media

Darwin200 UK

Today, some 22 young people join the tall ship Pelican of London for a seven week long adventure that will stretch and challenge, develop skills and knowledge, build confidence and expand horizons. The purpose of this voyage around… Read More

Utter Frivolity

I am an environmental scientist and I have taken a decision that can be described as utterly unsustainable. I followed my dreams and in a completely self-centred moment, I have booked an adventure for myself on the other… Read More

You take care of what you love, don’t you?

For a change, something really positive here… We are the business of inspiring young people to be curious and ask questions, to get into nature and experience the small and big wonders of it, to make sense of… Read More